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January 5, 2013
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TEENs by Hey-Hollywood TEENs by Hey-Hollywood
I am not worthy of such awesome for real, these characters are like my life. I know that makes me seem like a fucking loner. But the power of writing a story is just so strong, and you can lose yourself in it...

Thank you to Gwenny, Johan, AJ, and the other people who helped design these characters.

I wasn't going to mention Justin though, as a prank. ;) Since he always fools me. I would be no where without him, we've been through so much together. All these characters are mostly his works, except I revamped them ALOT. Hehe. After he quit youtube for a while... Justin is my best friend on here! (Next to Johan and AJ) and without him I'd be nothing. Alot of work has been put into TEENs, without alot of people helping. And as I write TEENs now, I think of all the good times... with Kevin, MrSims, Justin, oh Landy....I can't wait for it to be completed so you can see TEENs 2 and see what I really have in store. :3

I may not be a good artist but it bring's tears to my eyes knowing that people who actually have good art skills can help bring my dreams to life! <3

Sorry for being sappy and cheesy.

Sincerely, Noah

P.S. Gwennie, I still have more praises to give you over this group picture, just too lazy to comment. lol.
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I think it's a pretty nice cast... I will have to say that I don't know why any of these people are on the actual Total Drama series, because they look like they're from there! Everything about these characters screams Total Drama... the hair... the legs... the outfits... even the tiny details like the shoes, glasses, etc. And the background looks like a typical Total Drama scene... come to think of it, I don't think the actual Total Drama contestants spent their gameplay in a mansion such as this! It looks so big and lavish... the Big Brother house could be ENVIOUS of this place!

Keep up the good work!
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Oh my god this looks amazing I'm going to read it write now
Yay :D
All the episodes are here [link] just don't look at the elimination chart C:
ANIMEniacss Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I swear to you, I will read this tomorrow all day. I just found your page today and I'm going to bed now
But from what I see, I'm so excited >3< ^^ -flees-
Yayy <3 I love new readers. ^_^ You can find all the chapters here, just dont click on the Elimination Chart :V [link]
ANIMEniacss Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol I wont. I've read to chapter 5 so far and you're sooo talented. I love it so much~ :3
Aww thank you :) What do you think of the story/characters so far? c:
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